The Humanomics Research Programme


Launched in 2012 with a founding grant from The Velux Foundation, the Humanomics Research Centre is a meta-research unit focused on studying the academic and societal networks of humanities scholarship and beyond. Humanomics fosters multi-disciplinary collaborations to help produce evidence and insights that increase the understanding and value of humanities in society. By serving as a lens that both focuses and helps understand the impact of humanities on a wide range of societal fields (from media and culture to policymaking and business), we hope to enhance the public discourse and advance the development of research policies and practices that maximize the use and uptake of humanities in society.


  • Build the meta-research field and catalyze new research to help develop the scientific and societal understanding of humanities
  • Provide policymakers, foundations and research leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to support the development of high-quality humanities research
  • Facilitate and study how the humanities influence the wider society and examine opportunities and barriers for cross-fertilization and collaboration.
  • Capture the nonlinear chains of causation in the way humanities impact society, including the development of new impact metrics that reflect the dynamic nature and complex interdependencies of humanities and society.


As an interdisciplinary research unit, Humanomics Research Centre is placed at Aalborg University Copenhagen. We have recruited faculty from multiple disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. Our researchers, research assistants, senior scholars and students add additional depth and breadth to Humanomics research activities and initiatives.


We are currently (2016-2019) working on a number of projects and research collaborations.

  1. Mapping the Public Value of Humanities
  2. Mapping the Dynamics of Humanities
  3. Mapping Knowledge Dissemination in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  4. Mapping Co-Creation in the Social Science and Humanities (ACCOMPLISSH)
  5. Science Advice in Denmark and the Nordic Countries

News & Posts

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Humanomics welcomes inquiries regarding the Center’s research activities and partnership opportunities. Inquiries from the media are also welcomed.

For general inquiries, contact:

PI David Budtz Pedersen

PI Frederik Stjernfelt