4. Mapping Co-Creation in the Social Science and Humanities

2016-2019 Sponsored by The European Commission Horizon 2020
WP2 Leader David Budtz Pedersen

This EU Horizon 2020 funded project aims to take a major step forward in the analysis and valorization of the societal impact of humanities and social sciences. The objective is to accelerate co-creation activities by setting up a multi-stakeholder platform that will strengthen the impact of SSH research and contribute to a variety of lead-users and end-users. By including impact case studies, focus group interviews, survey data and network analysis, ACCOMPLISSH aims to generate new insight into impact-relevant research activities across 12 European countries.

Often, traditional valorization approaches focus on linear processes: knowledge transfer from academia to society. Co-creation transcends such linear boundaries as it focuses on collaboration and co-production of knowledge and solutions across partners from the so-called Quadruple Helix network (industry, governments and societal partners).

The aim of the project is to put forward a valorization concept that is scalable. Testing and training are important elements in the implementation and further development of the concept. Instruments will be developed and tested to serve as guidelines for valorization and co-creation. Training creates an innovative mind-set among the quadruple helix partners in the various settings. This will contribute to the further development of SSH research design and communications, which are critical factors in the integration of valorization as a concept in academic culture and activity.

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