6. Academic Impact of Scientific Gatherings

2016-2019 Sponsored by the Innovation Fund Denmark & Wonderful Copenhagen
PI Thomas Trøst Hansen & David Budtz Pedersen (superviser)

This industrial PhD project is developed in collaboration with the convention bureaus in Copenhagen and Aarhus, which are also co-funding the project together with the Innovation Fund Denmark. The project aims to develop a research-based approach to the academic impact of scientific gatherings. So far, studies of the impact of scientific gatherings have been focused on the wider societal impact e.g. how gatherings are platforms for knowledge exchange between sectors and the economic activity generated by the meetings. However, there is a limited literature exploring how scientific gatherings impact academia. This is odd from a science studies perspective, as scientific gatherings are a deeply rooted practice in academia and shared across disciplines, nations and historical periods. Despite their noteworthy tradition and the fact that we are dealing with multifaceted events, we have a poor language for describing their impact. In this industrial PhD project, we will advance our understanding in two dimensions. Firstly, we lack a fine-grained understanding of the differences between academic gatherings. Accordingly, we will develop a taxonomy of academic gatherings based on qualitative interviews with researchers in Denmark. The taxonomy will focus on how the various types of gatherings provide researchers with different kinds of academic impacts. Secondly, we will investigate whether there is added academic value to being the host of scientific gatherings compared to being a regular delegate.

Contact PhD Candidate:
Thomas Trøst Hansen tth@woco.dk