Science Advice in Denmark and the Nordic Countries

Organized jointly by Aalborg University (AAU) and the International Network for Government Science Advice Held on 26-27 April, 2017, at The Carlsberg Academy, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 15, 1799 Copenhagen V


At the World Science Forum (WSF) in Budapest in 2015, scientists and policy-makers called for: “… the need to define the principles, processes and application of science advice and to address the theoretical and practical questions regarding the independence, transparency, visibility and accountability of those who receive and provide advice has never been more important”.

The Declaration of the 2015 World Science Forum called “for concerted action of scientists and policy-makers to define and promulgate universal principles for developing and communicating science to inform and evaluate policy based on responsibility, integrity, independence, and accountability.”

The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) is making progress responding to this call. As an international and broad-based network, supported by recognized international science bodies such as ICSU and UNESCO, INGSA is well positioned to provide the platform to convene expertise and broadly consult on draft principles for science advice.

INGSA have a series of consultative workshops planned over the next years for input into the draft principles and guidelines, with the intention of reporting back to the World Science Forum in Jordan 2017. During the Copenhagen workshop a two hour session will be dedicated to reflecting on principles and guidelines for scientific advice to policymaking and gaining a Nordic perspective.