Humanomics survey sent to more than
3.200 humanist scholars in Denmark

SEPTEMBER 10TH 2013     HUMANOMICS Research Programme sent a survey to 3.200 researchers in the humanities and related disciplines. The survey is part of the research project Humanomics: Mapping the Humanities that investigates research and research practices in the humanities and related disciplines – beginning with Denmark as a pilot study.

The aims of the research project are (a) to map the content and context of the humanities over the last fifteen years, and (b) to identify theoretical and methodological resources for developing an empirically-informed philosophy of the humanities. By looking at the structure and dynamics of the humanities at universities and other research institutions (e.g., museums, archives, cultural institutions), Humanomics seeks to provide empirical insight into which humanist theories, methods, concepts, etc. that are influential in today’s science system.

A particular aim of the research programme is to understand the humanities as situated between disciplinary science and other modes of research. Mapping the humanities involves an investigation of the relationship and flow between research in the humanities, and between the humanities and the social and natural sciences.

The project is funded by Velux Foundation – an the independent and non-profit research foundation – and the survey is designed and implemented in collaboration with The Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI).

Survey responses will be treated as anonymous and in accordance with Danish data protection law. The survey takes about 20 minutes to answer. If you do not want to participate or if you do not consider yourself a researcher conducting humanistic research, please follow the below link in order to secure the quality of the analysis.

For more information and inquires, contact:
David Budtz Pedersen: davidp[at]