Biology and the Humanities

6-7th December 2012
University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade 80
2300 Copenhagen S

Organized by:

The Danish National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science.


Jan Faye (faye[a], University of Copenhagen.

Attendance is free (registration not required).


Thursday 6th December, Room 21.1.21, KUA

10.00-10.50 Claus Emmeche:
Human relations as special: typing social ties in biology, sociology and philosophy.
11.00-11.50 Annamaria Carusi:
Hybrid models in computational and synthetic biology: a philosophy of modelling approach?
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.50 Niels Henrik Gregersen:
Concepts of Information from Biology to Culture
14.00-14.50 Peter C. Kjærgaard:
What is wrong with prehistory? Deep history and human origins
14.50-15.10 Coffee break
15.10-16.00 Andreas Roepstorff:
What's brains got to do with it?

Friday 7th December, Room 27.0.09, KUA

10.00-10.50 Thomas Wiben Jensen and Sune Vork Steffensen:
Human interactivity: a naturalized ontology without methodological reductionism
11.00-11.50 Martin Skov:
The Neurobiology of the Beauty: A concrete example of how biology can inform a humanistic topic
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.50 Finn Collin:
The Neuro-Evolutionary Trend in the Humanities: Explanatory Issues
14.00-14.50 Jan Faye:
Intentions, Norms, and Values as Explanatory Categories in a Naturalization of the Humanities
14.50-15.10 Coffee break
15.10-16.00 David Budtz Pedersen:
Mapping Interdisciplinarity in the Humanities